Description of Services

Blood Pressure Screening
Cholesterol Screenings
Exercise/Fitness Expo and/or Evaluation
Biometric Screenings
Glucose/Diabetes Screenings
Body Composition Testing
Nutrition Expo
Bone Density
Stress Management
Health Risk Assessments
Customized Health Fair

Blood Pressure Screenings:
On-site Blood Pressure Screenings are done either as requested or on a regular basis (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly) by registered nurses. Blood Pressure recording cards and education (handouts & one on one consultation) is provided to each participant.

Cholesterol Screenings: (2 options)
This screening has two options, however the emphasis on both is to educate participants on how to reduce cholesterol levels through lifestyle habits and increase awareness to heart disease risk.

  1. Fingerstick method using Cholestech machines which provide immediate results for a complete lipid panel: (Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Glucose, Total/HDL Ratio) and individual education/counseling.

  2. Fingerstick method using Cholestech machines which provide immediate results for Total Cholesterol and Glucose only and individual education/counseling.
Exercise/Fitness Expo and/or Evaluation:
Staffed with an exercise physiologist, this expo covers a wide array of exercise/fitness concepts, options and may include BMI, Waist-to-Hip Ratio, Body Composition, Balance, Flexibility, Grip Strength, Wii Fit Challenge; includes education.

Biometric Screenings:
This is a combination of the Cholesterol (complete lipid panel), Blood Pressure and Body Mass Index (could also include waist/hip ratio) screenings that are provided at the same time and includes individual education/counseling.

Glucose/Diabetes Screenings:
Fingerstick method with immediate results and individual education/counseling.

Body Composition Testing: (2 options)
Staffed with an Exercise Physiologist; fitness measurements such as body composition, BMI, hip/waist ratio, and discussion of health consequences associated with obesity.

  1. Body Composition Analysis using a body fat scale or hand-held device. Participants are able to do this comfortably in a health fair or group environment.
  2. Body Composition Analysis using skin fold method. This requires a private room or area to ensure confidentiality and comfort of the participant.
Nutrition Expo:
Staffed with a registered dietitian, this expo covers various nutrition topics including weight management, meal planning, eating on the run, healthy choices, displays (fat tubes, portion sizes, cookbooks, etc.), and includes many educational handouts. This may be done in a presentation or healthfair set-up and often includes healthy food samples and/or cooking demos.

Bone Density:
Using heel bone ultrasound, provides immediate results for both men & women; includes education.

Stress Management:
Stress escape areas can include assessments (written and/or computerized), experiential opportunities for stress reduction via tapes, books, aromatherapy, humor and educational materials.
Various stress management workshops are available from 1 hour to 1 day in length. These seminars, depending on time allotted, address stress awareness, physiology and management techniques in an informal and experiential environment. An alternative to a formal workshop, this may also be done in a “Stress Survival Station” mode, where participants can “experience” a variety of techniques and experiment with what works for them.

Healthy Skin Assessment:
Skin assessment using dermascan machine (face only) and educational materials to promote skin health & the reduction of skin cancer risk.

Customized Health Fair:
Possible options for Healthfair topics & services/screenings (not all-inclusive):
Alternative Therapy (Herbals, Supplements, Vitamins)
Biomeridian Assessment
Cardiovascular Disease
Mental/Emotional Health
Diabetes/Glucose Screening
Eldercare/Caregiving Resources
Ergonomics/Musculoskeletal Health
Hearing Screening
Massage Therapy
Medication/Pharmacy Information
Men’s/Women’s Health Issues
Pulmonary Concerns/Smoking Cessation/Asthma
Raffles/Health Awareness Games
Safety & First Aid
Sleep Disorders
Spinal Assessment
Vision Screening – visual acuity & glaucoma

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